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Admin Client Service Page

The admin service page offers you an overview of the essential information at a glance. You can also perform actions such as reinstalling the server, opening the server console, SSO login, and power management.

Information about "Last BW"

"Last BW in" / "Last BW out" show the last measured bandwidth consumption of the server in mbit/s. This value is usually updated every 5 minutes.

Tools Dropdown

The following tools are available:

  • Test Bandwidth Usage Collection
  • Sync IP assignments from Tenantos to WHMCS
  • Sync Hostname from Tenantos to WHMCS
  • Sync all options above (Hostname, IP assignments)

IP Assignments & Graphs

By default, the module displays a table of IP assignments with options to update the RDNS / IP description entry and a graph to visualize bandwidth usage. To reduce the page size, both features can be disabled in the module settings at the "Admin Interface" tab.

Screenshot & Video

Admin Service Page