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About External Providers

All servers that are managed via an external API are called external servers. The "External Providers" are the link between Tenantos and the external servers. External providers are used for two things:

  • Virtualization APIs (Proxmox, VMware)
  • External Servers (OVH, ...)

In addition to managing virtual servers, Tenantos offers the ability to manage servers from external providers, so you can resell servers from OVH and co., but still manage everything from a unified interface. Also, the API always works the same - there are no separate API endpoints for servers of a certain provider or types. Everything is unified.

Supported External Providers

We are happy to add support for additional providers. If you use a provider that is not supported, please create a feature request. It is required that the provider offers an API.

The following providers are supported:

  • Proxmox
  • VMware
  • OVH / Kimsufi / SYS
  • Hetzner Cloud
  • Hetzner Dedicated
  • myLoc / Webtropia / Servdiscount
  • NovoServe (power management + network usage collection)
  • Tailor Made Servers
  • GTHost
  • Tenantos

Scope Of Functions

The most important things in a nutshell:

  • OS reinstallation via the provider's API with SSH keys support (PXE for Proxmox / VMware).
  • Power management via the provider's API.
  • Bandwidth usage collection via the provider's API.
  • Automated hardware inventory via the provider's API.
  • Automated IP inventory via the provider's API.
  • Manage RDNS via the provider's API.
  • NoVNC remote consoles are supported.

Some features may not be supported for some providers if the API does not support the functionality.

Since you can freely assign the connections, mixing of connection assignments is possible. For example, power management via the provider API, but OS installations via PXE.

Billing Integrations

As described above, Tenantos offers a unified API. All billing integrations have built-in support for external providers.

Tenantos as an External Provider

It is possible to add other Tenantos installations as an external provider. This is particularly useful if you don't have access to all features, such as the switches. This scenario could arise if you're a reseller whose provider utilizes Tenantos, or if your resellers maintain their own Tenantos installations. The external provider offers the following functions:

  • Traffic usage collection
  • Power management
  • RDNS management
  • Accessing the NoVNC console

All features, with the exception of traffic usage collection, can be activated individually for each connection assignment and are optional.