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CLI Commands

Please be careful when executing CLI commands. Only execute commands where you know what they do.

You can get a complete output of all available commands by simply typing app without arguments.

Here you find a list of the most useful commands:

Command Description
app agents:list List all agents
app collectors:externalProvidersServerIps Collects all IP addresses of external providers (if server has enabled this feature)
app collectors:ipmi Collects sensor data from all IPMI devices
app collectors:switches Collects bandwidth details from all switches
app license:clearcache Clears the license cache
app license:show Show the current license key
app license:set Update the license key
app sso:generateLoginLink USERNAME Generate a one-time login link for the specified user
app user:updateIpRestrictions USERNAME IPs Updates the IP restrictions of the user. IPs is an comma-seperated string and optional (restrictions are removed if IPs is empty).
app servers:cachePowerstatus Update cached power status of all servers
app system:create-backup Creates a manual backup of Tenantos. At least one backup storage must be enabled.
upcp Install updates
support add Provide support access.
support delete Revoke support access.