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Language Customization

The client area can be translated into other languages and the texts of the default language file can be overwritten.

Language Override

Directly editing the language files is not recommended. These files may be overwritten during module updates, resulting in a loss of any edits you had made.

Instead, it is recommended to use overrides. Overrides allow you to customize the default variables with your own values such that they will be preserved through the update process.

To create an override, create a new language file in the directory /modules/addons/dservermanager/language/override/, copy the variables from the original file and do the adjustments. Don't forget the PHP opening tag at the beginning of the file.

Some notes about the override system:

  • You must not copy the full content of the original language file. Instead, you can just copy the variable which you want to override.
  • If you want to add additional language variables, you do not need to edit the original language file either. You can define new language variables in the override.
  • Technically, the module loads the language file in the following order: /language/english.php → /language/override/english.php. The override array is merged with the default language array.

Add New Language

The module includes an English translation. To add additional languages, copy the file /modules/addons/dservermanager/language/english.php and name it according to the language you want to add. The default language names of WHMCS are used (see /lang).