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IP Restrictions

The API keys and the login via a user account can be restricted to certain IP addresses. The restrictions can be set individually for each account and, if the user has the necessary permissions (enabled by default), the user can manage them himself.

User Accounts

Important note

Incorrect configuration of the restrictions will lock you out of the account.
In case you are locked out, you can reset the IP restrictions via the CLI.

The login IP restrictions are managed on the profile page of the respective account. The current IP of the logged-in user is suggested in the dropdown, but must be selected to be added.

If you manage the restrictions of your own account but forget to add the current IP, a message will appear with an appropriate notice and the IP will be added automatically.

Incorrect IP restrictions configuration

API Keys

When creating an API key, the IPs that are authorized to use the key can be defined. The IP addresses can also be adjusted later.


Account IP restrictions configuration

API Token IP restrictions