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Feature Requests

We are continuously working on improving Tenantos and welcome any ideas you have for new features or improvements to existing ones. To submit your request, please visit the feature request page.

When submitting a feature request, please be as detailed as possible in your description. Providing more information in your request allows for a more accurate and efficient consideration of the feature.

All requests are carefully reviewed and considered for inclusion in our product roadmap. We are committed to addressing feature requests promptly, and in many cases can provide an ETA.

If you need the requested feature as fast as possible and there is a general interest, we do offer sponsored developments. In this case, you pay a part of the development costs.

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Custom Developments

If it is not assumed that there is a general interest in the functionality, or the feature is specifically tailored to you, we can offer you a custom development. At a custom development, you pay the entire development cost. However, there is usually no charge for maintaining the code. That means there are only one-time costs for the integration and we take care that the feature is compatible with later releases of Tenantos.

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Implementation Requirements

If your request is for a specific device, such as adding support for IPMI model X, we will usually need a test device from you. Without a test device, no implementation is possible unless we have such a model available ourselves.