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VPS Resource Overrides

Any parameter of the VPS plan can be overridden via configurable options. This way, you can allow your customers to customize the predefined plans according to their own preferences.

All configurable option types are supported (dropdown, radio, quantity, yes/no).

Create Configurable Option

Due to the flexibility of this feature (remember, it is possible to override every resource, even exotic ones), this process is a bit more complicated at first glance. However, it is actually quite simple.

  • Configurable option name: Dotted path to the resource.
  • Configurable option value: The value with which the resource will be overridden.

How to get the dotted array name?

  • Open the VPS plan in Tenantos.
  • Open your browser console and go to the network request tab. How to open the console
  • Reload the page and search the request to /vpsplans/.
  • Click on the request, go to the "Preview" tab and expand "planconfig".

Now you see the response from the API:

API response

Replace each array level with a "." to build the option name. If the resource is not within an array, you can use the option name as is (e.g. "cores"). The dotted option name must be prefixed with "vps.".

Here are some examples based on the above screenshot:

Option Name Description
vps.disks.disk0.disk_size Size of the first disk Storage backend
vps.ifaces.iface0.amount_ipv4 Amount of IPv4 addresses
vps.cores CPU cores
vps.cpu_units CPU units
vps.memory Amount of memory

Here is a screenshot of an example option group:

Example Configurable Option Group

If you need help, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support. We are happy to assist.