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Open the server management module admin page ("Addons" -> "Server Manager"), click "System Configuration" -> "Notifications".

A variety of notification options are offered, and you have four configurable options for each notification:

  • Dedicated / External Providers - defines if the notification should be sent for dedicated and external providers servers.
  • VPS - defines if the notification should be sent for virtual servers.
  • Include admin notes in the message body
  • Include service addons in the message body

Include admin notes in message body

Enabling this feature will cause the service's Admin Notes to be included in the notification if any notes are stored.

Include service addons in message body

If the service has active addons, the module creates a clear table in the notification with a list of active addons:

Addons & notes

Settings Overview

In order to receive notifications, you must either enable WHMCS Admin Tickets notifications or the WHMCS Notification System. You can also use both at the same time.

Notifications via WHMCS Admin Ticket

The notifications can be sent to you via a ticket. To do this, create a new WHMCS client and enter the client ID in the input field.

Ticket notifications support department

The ticket notifications will be created under the selected department if ticket notifications are enabled. If the option isn't configured, the module will default to the first department it finds.

Notifications via WHMCS Notification System

The WHMCS Notification System allows you to receive notifications in a variety of ways, for example, via Slack. To receive notifications about this, enable the feature and then create a notification rule as described here.

The trigger identifier is named dservermanager.

Notifications for failed automated power actions

If you enable this option, a notification will be sent if an automated power action fails. AAutomated power actions, if enabled, are performed on suspensions, unsuspensions, or terminations.

Notifications on Suspension

You can be notified of server suspensions. This is especially useful if you want to shutdown servers manually.

Notifications on Unsuspend

See "Notifications on Suspension"

Notifications on Terminate

See "Notifications on Suspension"

Notifications on Bandwidth Limit

See "Notifications on Suspension". Note that this is an admin notification only. To notify customers when traffic limit is exceeded, see next option.


If you do not suspend the server, you will receive a notification about this every day until the bandwidth limit is either reset (1st day of the month) or more traffic is allocated to the product or service.

Alternatively, you can set "Override Auto-Suspend" at the client service product to disable this alert as well. Please see here for more information (at Unsuspension Handling).

Client mail notification on Bandwidth Limit

Create a new WHMCS Mail template and then select the newly created template here. Please note that you need to create the template in the Product/Service Messages group.