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UEFI & Legacy BIOS


All default disk layouts of Tenantos include support for both UEFI and legacy BIOS out-of-the-box. If you create your own disk layouts, you should ensure that they also support both modes. This will ensure that your custom disk layouts can be used on any server, regardless of its BIOS mode.

If you have a mixture of UEFI and legacy BIOS servers, you may need different disk layouts for your operating systems depending on the boot mode that is used. To accommodate this, you can use the {{UEFI}} and {{LEGACY}} control tags in the disk layout templates to create different disk layouts for each mode:

The UEFI disk layout
The legacy disk layout

If a disk layout is created without using these control tags, it will be applied to both modes.

During the PXE startup process, the system will automatically detect whether the server is using UEFI or legacy BIOS. You do not need to configure the boot mode for each server in the Tenantos web interface. The system will determine the boot mode and use the appropriate disk layout.