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VPS Plans

You can set the designated resources of the servers in VPS plans and easily create a virtual server from a VPS plan.

To view and create VPS plans, click "Virtualization" -> "VPS Plans" at the sidebar.

VPS Plan Overview

The table offers a clear overview of the created VPS plans with information about the used virtualization and the plan resources (CPU, etc.)

Create a new VPS Plan

First, you need to add the provider. Please see following page. Then click on the plus button to get to the creation form.

Depending on the used virtualization platform, the available options differ a bit.

Many fields are pre-filled, these are the recommended values, and most fields should be self-explanatory. In the following, we will go into fields that may need explanation.

Agent Connections

Here you specify which connections are assigned to the server, which Agent should be used, and which features of the connections should be enabled.

The following options are available:

  • PXE Reinstallation Agent
  • PXE Network Interface (if multiple network interfaces are assigned to the virtual server)
  • DHCP Agent
  • Enable Console Access
  • Enable Power Control
  • Enable Permanent DHCP
  • Enable Auto Inventory

Auto inventory queries the virtual server's hardware data via the API and then displays it in Tenantos.

Server Tags

The defined tags are automatically added to newly created servers. Tagging can be useful if you limit operating systems or subnets to servers with certain tags. This functionality can be used, for example, to restrict access to the Windows operating system.

Firewall Configuration

Only options that require explanation are listed.

Default IP Filter (Proxmox)

Quote from Proxmox documentation:

Enable default IP filters. This is equivalent to adding an empty ipfilter-net<id> ipset for every interface. Such ipsets implicitly contain sane default restrictions such as restricting IPv6 link local addresses to the one derived from the interface’s MAC address. For containers the configured IP addresses will be implicitly added.

It's recommended to enable this option.

Network Configuration

Only options that require explanation are listed.

Create IP Spoofing Filter (Proxmox)

This option creates an ipfilter-net* ip set so that the virtual server can use only the IPs that are assigned to it. When you add or remove an IP from the server in Tenantos, the IP filter is also updated. The IP filter is automatically kept in sync.

It's recommended to enable this option. The IP filter requires the "Enable Firewall" option in the network adapter to be enabled for proper function. The settings within the "Firewall Configuration" card must not be activated in order for the IP filter to function properly.


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