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About Remote Agents

Remote agents allow you to manage multiple sites in Tenantos. They are used for tasks like:

  • DHCP server
  • PXE OS installations
  • Switch access (SNMP)
  • Access to the private IPMI network
  • Provide IPMI-KVM NoVNC console

The Tenantos main server also acts as a remote agent. Remote agents are never directly addressed by users but only communicate with the main server.

Simple explanation

Imagine you run your servers in two different locations, in the Netherlands, and in France. In the example, you have Tenantos installed in the Netherlands. To be able to manage servers in France as well, you install an agent there.

Agent Assignments

For each connection (IPMI, PXE, etc.) you assign to the servers, you can choose which agent to use to handle the connection. Since a server is not fixedly assigned to an agent, this allows some flexibility. The classic would be a DHCP relay.