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Adjust Language

The texts can be customized for each created brand. Two options are offered for editing:

  • Table Editor
  • Direct Editor ("Edit JSON")

In both modes you can submit an empty value to restore the default text. In addition, you can add new languages and translate the Tenantos web interface.


In the "Languages" section, additional languages can be added and subsequently translated using either the Table or Direct Editor.

When adding new languages, it is recommended to specify the language name in its native form and to use BCP 47 tags (language and region) for the language code. To copy your translations to other brands, it is recommended to use the Direct Editor.

Once a new language has been added, a corresponding icon will appear in the top navigation bar, allowing for easy switching between languages.

Table Editor

The Table Editor is easy to use and suitable if you just want to adjust a few small things, or if you don't feel comfortable with the direct editor. The following features are available to make text editing as easy as possible:

  • Fullscreen mode
  • Full-text search
  • Just press enter in an input field to save all done customizations
  • Pagination & adjustable rows per page

Direct Editor ("Edit JSON")


Only the texts within the "translation" object can be edited. If you change other values, they will be ignored.

The Direct Editor, also known as "Edit JSON" mode, is intended for advanced users and may be more complex to navigate compared to the Table Editor mode. This is due to the presence of metadata in the JSON output, which is necessary for identifying the text. However, for the purpose of copying language customizations from one brand to another, this mode is highly effective.

It is recommended that you copy the text into a text editor, edit the texts (only edit the "translation" object), and then paste it back. Once finished, ensure to click the "Update" button to save the changes.


Open language editor

Table Editor

Table Editor

Direct Editor