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Module Updates

This is the recommended update method for version 1.1.0 or higher. You can check your current version in WHMCS under "Setup" → "Addon Modules".

General information about the update process

  • Updates keep the module settings as they are.
  • New features are not automatically activated to keep the original state. Please pay attention to the release notes to see what's new right away.
  • When an update is available, a notice will be shown on the WHMCS addon list page and on the module admin page.
  • To update to the latest version, you must not update to every single version in between. You can make a direct update to the highest version.
  • Template and language changes are noted in the release notes.
  • When we make adjustments to the language files, the new adjustments are always at the bottom of the language file with a note about the version in which the string was adjusted or added.

Follow these simple steps to update the module to the latest version

  • Upload the extracted module into your WHMCS installation.
  • Click "Addons" → "Server Manager" to open the module admin page. This will update the module database to the new version.
  • The upgrade has been completed.