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Installation of Tenantos

After you have received a license key, you can start the installation of Tenantos. Please ensure your server meets the system requirements.

Setup Domain

Create the following DNS records on your domain that points to the IP address of the Tenantos server:

Record Description User Interface. Local PXE installation agent.

Both DNS names can be adjusted to your desired name. Instead of "" you could also use ""

Installation Command

Connect via SSH to your server and execute the following command as root user:

apt update; apt install curl -y; bash <(curl -s https://${LICENSE}:${LICENSE}

Replace "YOUR_LICENSE_KEY" with your license key. You find the installation command, which you can just copy & paste, also in your welcome mail.

The installer will ask for your domain. If your domain does not resolve to the IPv4 address of the server, the installation will abort with an error message.

The installation process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. The installation script install and configures the web server, the database server, InfluxDB, and all other services. By default, a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is installed.

After Installation

After the installation script has been executed, you will see your login details in the terminal.

Login Details Output

Please save the login details. After you have closed the terminal, you will not see them again.

Platform Updates

Please see following page.