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Welcome Mail

You can find an example welcome mail template in the module system settings at the menu Tools:

Server Details


Main IP: {$service_dedicated_ip}
Username: {$service_username}
Password: {$service_password}

IP address allocation:

Panel access:
URL: {$appUrl}
Username: {$appUsername}
{if $isNewAppAccount === 1}
Password: {$service_password}
Password: Use the password of your existing account.

You can connect to your server in around 15 minutes. Currently, an operating system installation is in progress.
You can follow the installation progress in our control panel.

The module adds the following variables to all product mails:

  • $appUsername
  • $appUrl
  • $isNewAppAccount

User Account Handling

As described on the configure products page, the module can assign multiple servers to the same Tenantos user account. Under certain conditions, the module may create a new account, even if the client already has an account. This happens if:

  • The "User Account Role" of the existing account does not match the defined role in the product.
  • The mail address of the Tenantos account does not match the mail address of the WHMCS client.

If the client has a reseller account, you can enable the "Reseller Handling" function individually for each product. For more information, please visit the configure products page.