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Manage External Providers

Click on "External Providers" in the sidebar to open the external providers page.

On the overview page, you can see all the providers you have added and other attributes like the usage count.

List Providers

Add a new Provider

  • Click on "External Providers" in the sidebar to open the external providers page.
  • Click on the plus button and fill out the form:
    • Name: The name is freely choosable. It should be a name you easily recognize.
    • Select Provider: Select the provider which you want to add.

The other fields differ depending on the provider. You can add the same provider multiple times if you have multiple accounts.

Add Provider


Proxmox single-nodes and clusters are supported. PAM and PVE authentication is supported.

  • URL: Enter the hostname of your Proxmox servers. In the case of a cluster, just add one node. All other nodes are automatically detected.
  • Username: Usually root.
  • Password: The root password

VM Name

This option specifies if the server name or the hostname should be used as the VM name in Proxmox. The recommended option is "Use hostname" and "Use server name" should only be selected if the server name is always a valid hostname.

Periodically VM name synchronization

If enabled, server names from the app will be synchronized to Proxmox every three hours, ensuring that the server names in Proxmox match those in Tenantos.

Synchronize server tags to Proxmox

When activated, the server tags will be synchronized with Proxmox upon any changes. Additionally, the tags are synchronized every few hours to Proxmox to ensure consistent data across the system.

Note that tags set in Proxmox will be overwritten. If you have any custom tags in Proxmox, make sure to add them in Tenantos before activating this feature.


ESXi and vCenter are supported.

  • URL: The hostname of vCenter or ESXi
  • Username: E.g. administrator@vsphere.local
  • Password: The password

Hetzner Cloud

Hetzner Dedicated

OVH / Kimsufi / SYS

myLoc / Webtropia / Servdiscount

  • You need to generate the API key on this page. Then enter the key in the "OAuth Token" field.


Tailor Made Servers

  • The API details can be requested from TMS support.

RDNS Management

With TMS, a standalone RDNS server must be added. After adding TMS as an external provider, navigate to the RDNS Servers page (Sidebar: IP Manager > RDNS Servers) to add the account as an RDNS provider. Then, add the created RDNS server as the responsible server to the subnet which is used by TMS.