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Manage Remote Agents

Add a new Agent

Installing additional agents is easy. All you need is a server that meets the system requirements.

  • At the sidebar, click "Remote Agents" -> "List Agents"
  • Click on the plus button and fill out the form:
    • Agent Name: You are free to choose the one you want. The name should be something you associate with the location.
    • Hostname: The hostname of the agent. The hostname must resolve to the public server IP.
    • IP: The public server IP.
    • SSH Port: The SSH port.
    • Root Password: The root password.
  • Click the "Add Agent" button to start the installation.

After the installation is completed, you can disable the SSH password authentication. Tenantos use SSH keys for secure internal communication.

Manage Remote Agents

To open a remote agent's management page, click on the "Remote Agents" sidebar entry, followed by "List Agents". This will display all added remote agents, including the local agent. Click on an agent's name to open its management page.

Add Private IPs

If your IPMI or network devices are located in private networks, you need to include the agent into the private network.

In the simplest case, your network is flat, and you just need to add an IP to the agent from the private networks. You can do this assignment directly on the agent overview page and choose on which network interface you want to add the IP.

In more complex networks, you need to manually configure the network interface so the agent can access the private networks.

Service Status & System Information

At the "Overview" tab, you find general details about the server and the running services.

Agent Assignments Overview

The Agent Assignments table gives you a quick overview of which devices and servers the agent is assigned to and what functionality the agent is responsible for.

Tab: Logs

In the Logs tab, you can find the log files of the respective agent. This information is mostly only relevant when investigating problems.


List Remote Agents Show Remote Agent 1 Show Remote Agent 2