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Using the events, you can execute your own code on certain actions. You must have PHP knowledge to use the event system.

Available Events

The following main events are available:

  • Create Account
  • Suspend Account
  • Unsuspend Account
  • Terminate Account
  • Single Sign On

Each event is divided into three events:

  • Before
  • After
  • Failed

The grouping allows the code to be executed only on a given result. Some events can also send return values to the module, which are processed by the module. For example, the domain name at "beforeCreateAccount".

In addition to the above events, others are available as well. For example: duringCreateAccountBeforeOsProvisioning. The complete list of events can be found in the events.example file.

How to use events

Important note

You must remove all unused events from the copied file, as some events contain sample code.

Navigate into the directory /modules/addons/dservermanager/app/Custom/ and copy the file events.example to events.php. The file contains further explanations about each event and about the usage.